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Press Release Kit:

Lewis Clark & The Essentials became a fully-fledged band in September 2015. Based around the core trio of Lewis Clark (guitar & vocals), Pasquale Votino (Double Bass) and Tom Gilkes (ddrums), the group introduces the talents of Annalise Lam (violin/clarinet) and Paolo Guerriro (alto sax) to combine their diverse and shared interests in blues, folk, jazz and soul in a distinctive and dynamix live sound. They perform between 15-20 gigs across the country every month, have supported Robert Plant at The Colston Hall and are endorsed by Pound Arts Centre and Shubb Capos  There first album "VINYL LOVE" can be pre-ordered here


Lewis Clark & The Essentials. Tom Gilkes, Pasquale Votino, Lewis Clark, Annalise Lam.

In R2 National Magazine, Nov 16

In The Bath Chronicle November 2015

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